Alice Pack

This look at the Alice Back Pack has been a long time coming!  I'v head it for a little while now but hadn't really had a chance to put it to a decent test…but I feel like now I can put together a better picture of this pack and it's features. 


Its prudent to note that this is an ex-military pack.  It makes no excuses for its practical and no-frills design and manufacture, and as such I bought it in a used condition.  Various surplus stores sell them at various prices and in carrying condition… the main thing is find one that is in good condition.  I actually find the worn feel and look a distinctive charm in surplus gear, others don't, but for me it adds a vicarious authenticity to the item…

The Alice Pack was the result of years of development by the US Military, and by 1973 it was standard issue across the board.  For a more in depth look at development and other nerdy information check out the wiki page:   It has since been replaced by the Molle range of packs and webbing, but it saw service for some 20 years.  Its basic premise was to better assist the soldier in transport of his…blah blah… (insert technical dissertation here…) Moving on...

I bought mine from Aussie Disposals for $79.  They claimed it was genuine and it looks and seems genuine enough.  There's a very faint 'US' stamp on it, so it seems to pass.   I have seen them for ALOT more, some at $279…so that could be for a band new one.  The fact is, all surplus is just that, surplus to requirements of the Military, so whatever you get its likely to be in a used condition.  

The Pack

This version is the ALICE Large, with the external metal frame.  The pack itself is a little over 65litres in capacity, but finding out exactly is next to impossible, some suppliers boast ridiculous volume in cubic inches etc…  Safe to say, its big.  It's touted as a load capacity of 40kg+… so unless you're ex military, thats a lot of weight!

The Pack is designed with one large main compartment, and various smaller pouches on the exterior of the pack.  A picture speaks a thousand words:


This is the view from the big vacant hole... The main compartment is, upon various calculations about 30-35 Litres.  Included in the main space

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