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Fire #2

Posted by graham berry on Saturday, April 2, 2011, In : Skills 

So here's another awesome tinder, this time a natural choice…  Thistle grows wild in the fields and paddocks over here, and as it seeds it produces a fine cotton like fluff that is the bees knees for tinder.  Here's a look at it in the field as it grows:



Once its picked, its best to loosen the fibres a bit before you try a spark.  Of course a match makes light work of it, but with a good firesteel you get a great result anyway.  You can read about firesteels here.

Check out this youtub...

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Posted by graham berry on Tuesday, January 25, 2011, In : Skills 

Fire is Important, this we all know, but check this latest discovery for an awesome tinder choice:


Its lint from the Tumble dryer.  Empty the catcher and hey presto, dry, ultra flammable tinder.  Drop a few sparks from a firesteel an away it goes.  This stuff really works!  Its not a natural material as such, but its worth it to always have a reliable tinder.  Check out the Gear section of the site for a more in-depth look at the firesteel and this awesome tinder...
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