So its clear I've hardly been on top of this blog of late...things certainly have a habit of occupying time and moving house or having two boys under the age of two... or just living for that matter!  BUT, I've since organised new internet connections and am now fully connected to the world at large at sizzling ADSL2 speeds.  Excellent.  My time and space is slowly being realigned with the rhythms of a new house (and workshop space) and now, for the betterment of all, some rather more regular habits of a better blogger.  Even with all the busyment (word?) of the past few weeks, I've still found time to record a few videos, plan a few trips and even receive my first commission for a knife from overseas...excellent.  Words and pictures will be posted... here's one of the view from the new house:  


In other news, I visit this website alot:  This guy from the US seems to have an endless budget for testing gear (mainly axes and knives) so its a good port of call for any knife geeks.  Or Axe geeks.  Or bushcraft geeks.  I'm all of those things so I love it.