Its been too long since the last post... Christmas, New Year, alot of rain... and two kids under two make things more of a challenge!  Having said that things have been progressing; the latest project finally found completion recently in the shape of a new knife for my wife Leah.  Check the Knife Gallery page here for a more detailed look, but see below for a quick glimpse:

Leah had alot to do with the final product, she chose the materials and the handle shape and of course the blade... we had seen similar knives around, but none in the exact format we wanted.  The copper bolster was a great choice and it works really well with the Olive wood.  You might want to check out how I put it all together on this page, it'll show you the process from raw material through to the final product...  oh, she's happy with the final result, thats the main thing I guess!  Its been so interesting working with someone so closely as the knife takes shape, working to someone else's desires was actually quite freeing in a way... although getting it just right instead of claiming any mistakes as design quirks was quite challenging... hopefully there'll be more commissions  in the future.