Having been in contact with Ray Mears' blog for some time now, they've just added my knife to their blog feed!!  I had created this handle a couple months back and decided to send in a pic for the team at Ray Mears to see. The blade I used for the knife is only available through the website so its only fitting I let them see what I did with it...here's the knife:

Ray Mears has been and will always be the god-father of what has become known around the world as bushcraft and for me is a personal hero, so to see my work featured on his website is a massive honour!  Ray Mears is a accomplished author, Television Presenter, Producer and Environmentalist...the list goes on and on... Safe to say he is one of, if not, the authority on bushcraft and its variations alive today.  See his website here.  For more pics of my knife and a short description see here

Keep checking by to see more knife projects I'm working on and have a poke around for more info and inspiration on my other pages...