Hi all,
Just a quick update for GrayBear and to tell you about some exciting new developments that are, well, developing!  

I virtually stumbled over this website recently, actually finding about 6 months ago when it was in its infancy, but having connected with its founder, its been confirmed that its going live in the coming months!  As new as it is, I know this forum will really pick up pace and become a place that will equip, inspire and encourage anyone interested in Bushcraft and the wilderness. Categories and sections are currently being discussed for the content of the forum, so we should be seeing something along the lines of bushcraftuk.com in the near future. I think this is a really important website for bushcraft in general, but especially for those of us in Australia.  Visit it as much as you can and contribute as much as you can!  Questions, updates, photos...just get stuck in...

 ALSO, stay tuned here at GrayBear for how to make one of these: 
and a review of this:

And some more of these:

Honest, they're all coming soon....