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Mora Scout


Mora of Sweden have been making knives for a long time.  After merging KJ Eriksson and Frosts' Knive Factory in the early part of the 20th Century Mora have been striving to create affordable, comfortable and most importantly useable and practical knives.  Their website details it all here. Suffice to say, they  make some of the best quality and low cost knives on the market.  Their range is extensive, even offering an entire range dedicated specifically to bushcraft; see them here. Bushcrafters the world over hail Mora knives as the perfect starting, and for some, finishing point for any outdoors enthusiast.  The blad eis ideal for carving anf other woodcraft tasks, the grind is easy to sharpen and practical for any outdoor application and the simple handle is practical and comfortable.  It's a tried and tested package that out-performs many other more expensive and complicated knives on the market.  I'd take this over many other knives out there...


The sheath is practical and lightweight, pretty much what you'd expect in a $20 knife.  In my opinion, the clip is a bit toy like and is slightly frustrating when you're wearing a jacket etc... I'd prefer a closed in whole knife style sheath as with the Clipper or the 2000.  It does it's job though.


The blade is cold rolled 12C27 Stainless Steel from Sandvik, a top producer of stainless products.  Hardened to a respectable HRC 57-58, its a very strong blade.  Technicalities aside this stainless steel is world class and will take and hold an edge exceptionally well.  Mora have been manufacturing carbon blades for a long time, but now have Stainless, Tri-flex and Laminated blades in the range.  


The handle is comfortable, but I'd prefer the guard to be less pronounced, its safe in a way, but for carving they protrude a little too far.  I might file off the top one to give a little more versatility to the grip when carving...

Its clear I rate this knife very highly.  There will people who will complain about it's cheap feel or its lack of weight or even the shortness of the tang through the handle, but it simply doesn't matter.  This will out cut many big knives and will last for a very long time.  Well worth adding to the kit.


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