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OK.  Before you jump to conclusions, I was not, nor will I ever be a child model.  Although, sporting this fetching get-up, I can see why you'd think I was.  

Here I am probably only four or five years old striding up an aged slab of granite somewhere on my childhood stomping ground of Dartmoor.  Growing up in South West England, Dartmoor was about as wild as you could get.  This wind swept national park of some 200 square miles littered with granite eruptions, misty moorland and heath covered hills was a constant source of inspiration for a very active imagination; lost in tales of Indian scouting parties and lone mountain men.  Dartmoor was and still is a home to a sense of what lies beyond the tame and domestic world we live in, a call to the wilderness.

What's this got to do with GrayBear?  Why use this picture on the description page?  I think it's about the enthusiasm in my eyes, a sense of excitement, a desire to explore and discover... GrayBear, amongst other things, is for the wilderness, its for the skills and the knowledge to not just survive in the wild but thrive.  In my opinion, bushcraft in its purest form is just that, thriving not just surviving.  Taking skills and knowledge that has survived for thousands of years and apply them right in front of your eyes; to hold it with your hands, to touch it, smell it, create it.

My hope is that GrayBear inspires you to get out and see something wild, to learn new skills, to discover hidden places.  As well as show some of my own discoveries, I hope it gets you to put some stripy socks, some blue velour shorts and a matching cardigan, get the wind in your hair and climb a rock...or two.


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