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JP 100

Blade: Julius Pettersson

Handle: Stainless steel bolster and Australian Cypress Pine

Sheath: 2mm Veg Tanned Cow Hide

This blade was gift from my wife a couple of years ago, but only now have I had the chance to properly fit a handle worthy of this great blade.  Julis Pettersson is a bladesmith based in southern Sweden; we found the blade after seeing his work featured on an episode of 'Bushcraft Series 2' by Ray Mears.  The episode shows Julius forging the blade from scratch in his workshop, this guy is the real deal.  The Blade itself is stamped with his initials on one side and Ray Mears' 'RM' logo on the other.

The blades are available online from Ray's website here, and you can buy the DVD series here









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