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LS 95

Blade: Lauri Stainless 95

Handle: Copper, Vulcanised Fibre and Australian Olive

Sheath: 2mm Veg Tanned Cow Hide

This knife is officially my first commission... my wife was itching for me to make her a knife of her own, so after alot of deliberation on the style, blade and handle materials, we came up with this really elegant knife.  The bolster is a solid section of copper followed by a strip of black vulcanised fibre, then a specially sourced section of Australian Olive.  The Olive wood has amazing grain lines that swim through the wood with an awesome flow and the copper sits almost pink in the light.  The sheath was purposefully simple and has a traditional dangling belt loop design.  I love these Lauri blades and will be playing with them more in the future for sure.  Hope you enjoy some different shots with the black and white background.

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